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New York Personal Fitness Trainer

Mike Creamer has been a New York personal trainer for over 2 decades. Before shifting to New York in the mid 1980s Mike managed a gymnasium in his hometown of Dublin, Ireland where he taught a couple of musicians from a local band who were about to make a name for themselves in the U.S. That band was U2 and those musicians were Bono and bass player Adam Clayton. After arrival in New York Mike was introduced to the actress Cher’s nyc personal trainer JP at a post U2 concert party. JP arranged an interview for Mike with the owners of the post nyc personal training company Plus One.

Mike was hired by Plus One and soon got to know other New York personal trainers. Located in a personal and discreet Soho loft, Plus One catered to a famous people that included famous actors, actresses and artists. While working at Plus One Mike was one of the most sought after New York personal trainers and his clients included John Kennedy (JFK) Jnr. and Bonnie Raitt.

When Plus One commenced their new headquarters facility at the World Financial Center in downtown Manhattan, Mike was selected to head a team of New York personal fitness trainers that could meet the specific needs and demands of their celebrity customers. Plus One WFC was acknowledged as a new kind of fitness center or “fitness clinic” that incorporated the topics of sports medicine and exercise science. Plus One WFC housed orthopedic offices with X-ray facility, a complete staff of physical therapists, nutritionists and a team of the top NYC personal trainers, all under one roof. Sadly Plus One WFC (situated literally across the street from the World Trade Center) shut down on September 11th 2001 and never opened again. However the Plus One brand made a full revival and is now the premier source of corporate fitness and health services in the U.S.

Mike’s goal was always to open his own gym and in 1998 he started his NYC personal training studio, Anatomically Correct, situated just some distance away from the original Plus One studio in Soho where he initially started the business 10 years ago. Plus One is gone from there, its place taken by an Equinox club with its own team of New York fitness coaches.

Anatomically Correct, located at 142 Wooster Street just a few blocks away from Equinox, differentiates itself from bigger clubs by offering a more personal and focused training environment, just like the original Plus One studio. The value of training and service is superior and this interests a more sophisticated clientele. In addition to this it has the added advantage of being owned and operated by one of the best personal trainers in New York who has a vested interest in the success and fame of his customers. This is not always the case with other coaches who just work on a salary basis for a big club.

Just having a fitness trainer doesn’t automatically imply you are training correctly. Experience the distinction for yourself and sign up for a Free training session with the top New York personal trainer. Train the Anatomically Correct way with nyc personal trainer Mike Creamer.

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Fitness Equipment Marketing

Business was never easy. Just manufacturing and selling products cannot reap profits. Marketing is necessary to promote a manufacturers as well as a retailers product. The process involves advertising and attracting customers to its products so that they can enjoy a good share of the market and ultimately dominate the market. In the fitness equipment market of Australia, there are many different players. Some are local small businesses while others are established ones such as Infiniti fitness equipment and Healthstream fitness equipment. There are also some international brands competing in the market today. Various manufacturers employ different marketing strategies but, not all are in the forefront of the fitness world.

Infinit fitness equipment and Healthstream fitness equipment share majority of the market dominance in Australia. These two equipment manufacturers employ many different marketing strategies to stay on top of other competitors. For one, they make it a point to promote the quality and service they associate with their products. Infiniti fitness equipment even has its own fitness club that not only serves as a revenue maker but, also as a promotional outlet. People who come over to the club get a firsthand experience with infinity fitness equipments. Through word of mouth, the popularity spreads and so does the business of Infinity increase. Healthstream also employs similar tactics. It has tie-ups with many fitness clubs that exclusively deal with them. These major players do not just employ every other distributor on the streets. They use reputed and large distributors such as Revel sports, Amart, Harris Scarfe etc. By exclusively selling their products through these large distributors they show their superiority over the competition.

Another marketing strategy applied by these manufacturers is to capture the market with brand new products every season. The different classes of products promoted by Infiniti fitness equipment and Healthstream fitness equipment make sure that they are always ahead of the competition. With every new product that they release into the market, they consolidate their position and further their brand name. Healthstream fitness equipments are categorized into Elite, Evo, Genesis, Gold, Lifestyle and Marquee series. With so many classes, they cater to any and every need. Infiniti fitness equipments on the other hand have classes based on different types of products and keep adding new products to each every year. Furthermore, both these manufacturers also deal with accessories such as fitness balls, foam rollers, gym balls, jump ropes, stability discs etc. Healthstream and Infiniti fitness equipment both, manufacture equipment for personal as well as commercial use. They understand that the number of people exercising at homes is slowly growing. By catering to this market as well, they maintain an overall grasp over the fitness market. Thus, they make it a point to produce everything associated with the fitness industry.

By concentrating on quality and innovation, both Infiniti and Healthstream fitness equipments are today market leaders in Australia. Their aggressive marketing plans and latest technological improvements make sure that they will remain on the top for long.

Fitness Center

Starting A Fitness Center

With more and more Americans jumping on to the fitness bandwagon, starting a fitness center seems like an attractive business option. Whether you are a professional trainer who has worked in the industry and now wants to branch out on own or an entrepreneur looking to invest in a profitable business proposition, running a fitness center can be both enjoyable as well as monetarily fruitful.

Starting a fitness center requires sharp business acumen and substantial working capital. While business acumen is something that is more in-born than acquired, you can definitely get some pointers from people who have prior experience in business management before you decide to go it alone.

As far as capital is concerned, you need to be able to present a strong case to the bank you are approaching for a commercial loan if you dont have the reserves to put in your business. A sound business plan will be required to convince the banks that you are eligible and deserve a loan to start up your fitness business.

The first step towards starting a fitness center is choosing a suitable location. This will impact the commercial success of your business. You need to do a careful analysis of competing fitness facilities in the neighborhood and try to offer services that are unique to attract customers. Your fitness center should also be conveniently located, so your clients are able access it easily.

An important part of fitness center planning is choosing your main customer-base. Your facility should offer services that are congruent with your target audience. For example, full time professionals usually workout before or after their work-day. If you want to attract professionals into your facility, then you may want to extend your operating hours so they are able to fit workout session at the gym in their already busy schedule.

The fitness products you choose will also depend on the demographic profile of your fitness centers clientele. Women and baby boomers generally like cardio workouts, so you may want to equip your gym with more cardio equipment like treadmills, elliptical trainers, exercise bikes etc. if most of your customers are females and aging adults.

In fact, if you are planning on starting a fitness center, targeting baby boomers may not be a bad idea considering the growing awareness about the benefits of fitness and exercise in controlling health conditions like cholesterol and hypertension as well as maintaining a sense of well-being amongst this segment of population.

The next big step is to work on your fitness center design. The design of your fitness center should encompass safety issues, space limitations, equipment layout, architectural features, as well as aesthetic elements that make your fitness studio a class apart from the rest.

Once the facility is ready for operation, you should announce your opening in style. Flyers, radio spots, newspaper classifieds, etc. should be part of your advertising campaign. However, to draw customers to your fitness studio you need to go one step ahead and offer attractive promotional packages to them. Freebies, discounts, special packages will not just help you attract customers, but also win their loyalty.

In the end, however, the success of your venture will boil down to the quality, range, and uniqueness of the services you provide to your patrons.

According to a survey on fitness trends in 2010 conducted by the American Council on Exercise, a non-profit organization committed to promoting health and wellbeing in the country, exergaming (fitness-based video games) and specialty exercise and fusion type classes will continue to be popular amongst fitness enthusiasts looking for non-conventional workout programs. If you want to stay ahead in the race, you may want to include these non-traditional fitness programs in your offerings.

Starting a fitness center can be fun and a learning experience for the owner. But remember the competition is cut-throat and only the “fittest” (pun unintended) will survive in the end!

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Fitness Tips For Women

fitness tips”

Top 6 Fitness Tips to Get You in Perfect Shape

Achieving peak fitness will improve your mind, body and health. And these fitness tips will help you to get awesome results.

Cross-Train: Cross training involves using several types of exercise in one workout. Its great because you dont have time to get bored, every single muscle in your body is used and it reduces the risk of injury.

Try Something New: When youve followed the same exercise routine for a while, it can become a bit stale. When this happens, one of the best fitness tips is to incorporate something new into your routine.

You could become involved in a team sport, invest in some high quality home fitness equipment, or DVDs, or try a new outdoor activity. Doing this will give you renewed enthusiasm and prevent you from giving up on your fitness regime altogether.

Adjust Your Fitness Plan According to the Season: If youre not careful, the weather can really play havoc with your fitness plan. Running may not seem so appealing in the hot sun, or the freezing winter. And dark winter nights may make a journey to the gym seem suddenly unappealing.

One of the top fitness tips shared by those who are dedicated to regular fitness is to plan ahead for the season. Think about what you could do to adjust your fitness plans for the weather, and put them into action long before you think about giving up.

Dont Skimp On Stretching: When youre short on time, its all too easy to skip stretching before and after your workout routine. Dont be tempted to do this yourself, as the results could be fatal.

Missing one stretching session could result in an injury that could ruin your fitness plan for weeks. And while youre unable to exercise, the body youve worked so hard for will deteriorate.
Exercise to Music You Love: Take the time to put an MP3 together that includes music that you love to exercise to. This is one of the ultimate fitness tips as recent research has shown that listening to music you enjoy actually increases dopamine levels, and makes you feel happier.

Feeling happy increases your motivation and enjoyment and encourage you to work extra hard.

Keep a Progress Record: Reminding yourself of what youve achieved will encourage you to keep up your fitness regime and aim for new fitness goals.

Following these fitness tips will help you to stay fit and healthy and get the body you have always dreamed of.

PErsonal Fitness

Niles Personal Fitness

Considering that you already figured out the individual training company is right for you, it is most ideal to start spending for your education of health and fitness training, advertising and marketing, and business. The most effective health and fitness pros invest as much in themselves as they perform in their companies. Personal fitness instructor business continuing education and learning is the main to financial success. An energetic hip flexor stretch in a push-up position is very simple, as long as you see to it that you’re engaging in the appropriate kinds of motion.

Learn concerning an active hip flexor stretch in a push-up position with help from a dedicated fitness and training expert in this free video.
Exercising your damaged wrists is a wonderful way to obtain on your own on the roadway to recovery. Learn how you can exercise busted wrists with aid from the founder/owner and supervisor at STRONG Health club in this complimentary video clip. There are a few various means that you could keep the max amount of flexibility for reaching. Discover how to preserve the max quantity of versatility for reaching with aid from the founder/owner and supervisor at STRONG Health club incomplimentary record clip. After the effective finalization of the Remington University Personal Physical fitness Fitness instructor program, grads will get a diploma and have the opportunity to take the ACE personal fitness instructor accreditation examinations.
This might feel like a horrible suggestion theoretically, but you might simply wind up with extremely positive results. You will obviously have to be extremely mindful with your pupil, and you will likewise need to be extremely patient and slow. Give security pads and a headgear and good tidy gear, and you ought to be just great teaching a senior to skateboard. In Brazil, individual fitness instructors need to have a bachelor’s degree in “Physical Education and learning” (a degree that incorporates knowledges in the fieldsPhysical exercise Science and Medical care science) and be signed up with the Conselho Federal de Educao Fsica (Federal Council of Athletics). citation required Recommendations modify

Fitness Equipment Review The Bh Fitness Prisma M80 Treadmill

If you’re planning on purchasing a piece of fitness equipment, a treadmill typically is the preferred selection. Here’s some info regarding a remarkable treadmill from BH Fitness, the Prisma M80.

Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5.0 stars

Chief Aspects:

Exclusive “Plug and Run” design. No assembly required. You just unfold, lock and begin training at your own pace.

Innovative progressive cushioning system (PCS) that extends extra cushioning and also a highly comfy and natural feeling area for walking plus for running. The belt pattern in addition has orthopaedic feature and helps to stop muscle as well as joint damage.

Soft Drop safe vertical unfolding system powered via hydraulics to stop injuries, particularly to the back region.

Cost: Near 1000.00

Product Interpretation:

The BH Fitness Prisma M80 treadmill is manufactured with a a robust, potent but hushed 4 HP motor which renders it highly proper for exhaustive implementation in an at-home setting. Regardless of whether you’re a neophyte or trained user, the Prisma M80 will extend a brisk and effective work out session. With the ability to reach a maximum speed of 22km/h, this treadmill will keep pace as your fitness level increases. It is built with a powered electronic incline adjustment of as high as 12%. The incline can be adjusted when using the treadmill. There’s also a multipurpose computer console to track your progress.

Product Aspects:

Extra wide width 55cm belt extends superior comfort as well as maximum safety whilst walking or running.

Extra length 144cm deck accommodates all stride lengths for safety whilst walking or running.

A heart rate chest strap is included for usage with the integrated heart rate monitor and control programs. The machine’s console target heart rate display symbol along with pulse rate symbol will will light up if you happen to exceed programmed limits. This is an essential feature for individuals who wish to get the most out of the cardiovascular benefits of their conditioning. More Facts on that later.

Product Conditions:

Console monitor with 3 display windows
Proportions: (HxWxL): 145 x 89 x 205cm
Folded measurements (HxWxL): 166 x 89 x 108cm
Foldable: Yes. Vertically as well as horizontally
Heart rate monitor: Affirmative (chest strap included)
Incline: 1 – 12%
Machine weight: 88kg
Maximum user weight: 135kg (21.25st)
Motor: 4 HP
Quantity of programs: 12
Programs: 9 pre-set and 3 user programs
Running belt: 2.8mm orthopaedic belt
Running deck cushioning: elastomer-based cushioning system improved by PCS technology
Running deck size (LxW): 144 x 55cm
Rate: 1 – 22km/h
Guarantee: Ten years frame and motor. 2 years parts and labour
Added details: Select “Plug and Run” facet. No assembly necessary

Product Synopsis:

Regarding the electronic incline: This element is particularly significant for individuals who want to contrast the concentration of their workouts. Extending adjustability up to 12%, this treadmill can offer a a taxing workout to even in-shape users. The modifiable incline in particular is beneficial to the legs as well as back.

In reference to the on-board monitor/computer: The monitor/computer has 3 display windows. Together with 9 pre-set programs, the Prisma M80 enables three individualised programs via the “uPrg” element.

Regarding the heart rate control program: One of the best ways to be sure you are obtaining a good workout is by keeping your heart rate in a particular target zone. The Prisma M80 routinely adapts the workout intensity to maintain the selected heart rate and also limits which you’ve set.

About the pace and also incline adaptation: The Prisma M80’s pace and incline may be instantly adjusted to maintain workout power along with target heart rate. There are speed and incline “instant” keys opportunely located on the handrail for more security and responsiveness.

In regards to the pulse measurement feature: Pulse is measured precisely by sensors inside the chest strap that transmit the info wirelessly to the display monitor for quick feedback on your training strength.

In reference to storing the treadmill: The Prisma M80 is built with an exclusive, space-saving dual folding system (horizontal as well as vertical) for compressed storage when not being used.

Warranty Info: 10 years on the frame and motor, and 2 years parts and labour.

Closing Thoughts: We like the BH Fitness Prisma M80 treadmill due to the fact that it provides a gymnasium quality workout that is really adaptable for all exercise levels. This is a great piece of fitness equipment that will maintain tempo with you while your potency develops. Working out on a treadmill burns calories efficiently and works to lessen body fat. The cardiovascular benefits of training on a treadmill 1 improved staying power, lowered threat of stroke and heart disease, reduced danger of osteoporosis, decreased cholesterol, better bone mass and lowered depression and anxiety. The Prisma M80 has more than the ability of supplying all these gains and lots of others. Why don’t you commence today?

Amazing Core Fitness Says Executives Can Beat The Obesity Battle

Amazing Core Fitness who help people to lose weight with their Resistance Loop Bands priced just $15.99 have responded to the report by saying that executives can lose weight and become slim through regular exercises and beat the obesity battle.

The report looked at all the professions in America to find out which profession was the unhealthiest and to find out which profession people are more likely to be obese and overweight. The result of the report was truck drivers are more likely to be overweight or obese while executives came 13th on the list, however, Amazing Core Fitness believes executives can beat the trend and lose weight in the comfort of their office by using their Resistance Loop Bands.

A spokesman for Amazing Core Fitness said: By using our Resistance Loop Bands which are very portable and can be taken anywhere including to the office, executives can lose weight and become slimmer.

Amazing Core Fitness Resistance Loop Bands are helping people up and down the country to lose weight and become fitter and now they can help executives become slimmer and healthy. With the resistance bands being portable, executives can use them in their office during break times.

The new study which was published in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention journal Preventing Chronic Disease, reveals that executives are the most thirteenth unhealthiest profession in America but as Amazing Core Fitness have said, this can change through exercise.

Check out the CDC’s list of most obese professions, here:
1. Truck drivers – 38.6 percent
2. Transportation and material moving – 37.9 percent
3. Protective services – 33.3 percent
4. Cleaning and building services – 29.5 percent
5. Health services – 28.8 percent
6. Mechanics and repairers – 28.9 pecent
7. Administrative support – 27.9 percent
8. Personal services – 27.2 percent
9. Technicians (plus related support) – 26.6 percent
10. Precision production and plant operators – 26.1 percent
11. Sales – 25.4 percent
12. Management-related – 25.1 percent
13. Executive, administrative and managerial – 24.4 percent
14. Machine operators, assemblers and inspectors – 23.9 percent
15. Registered nurses – 22.6 percent
16. Farming, forestry, and fishing – 22.3 percent
17. Teachers (not including postsecondary education) – 21.8 percent
18. Helpers, equipment cleaners, and laborers – 21.9 percent
19. Math and computer scientists – 21.8 percent
20. Lawyers and judges – 21.7 percent
21. Engineers, architects, and surveyors – 20.2 percent
22. Food preparation and service – 20.1 percent
23. Construction – 19.9 percent
24. Other professional specialties – 19.7 percent
25. Health assessment and treating (not including registered nurses) – 18.2 percent
26. Postsecondary teachers -17.6 percent
27. Natural and social scientists – 17.3 percent
28. Health-diagnosing occupations – 11.6 percent
If you are a executive and want to become slimmer then start using the Amazing Core Fitness Resistance Bands that allow you to exercise anywhere.

For more details on the Amazing Core Fitness Resistance Loop Bands, please visit here.

Fitness Photography: The Other Half Of The Picture

Do an Internet search for ‘fitness photography’, and most likely your return will be a list of websites with beautiful, fit women. The smart photographer, looking to expand his or her female fitness photography business, will create a section in their portfolio dedicated to male fitness photography.

Photographing a male model, especially a male fitness model, offers a unique set of challenges. The best fitness photograph portrays the model as attractive, muscular, and relaxed. Putting all those elements together in a single frame, with a model that is often inexperienced, can be difficult.

In preparing for a shoot, the male fitness model needs to be well groomed. A fresh haircut will often eliminate the need for extensive post-production to get rid of flyaway hairs. It is also important to discuss whether or not the model needs to shave his face; if the finished image is intended to be ‘edgy’, a day-old beard often contributes to the effect. Most fitness models will also shave their body before a shoot, much as they would before a competition. Remind your model that if they shave their body, they need to use a soothing aftershave to eliminate bumps and redness, which are highlighted by today’s high-resolution digital cameras.

A finished male fitness image emphasizes the muscularity of the subject, which is often in contrast to the ‘fit and trim’ image we try to create with female fitness photography. In order to maximize the muscularity, the male model should come to the session after a workout, when they are at maximum pump. Being slightly dehydrated will also help emphasize their lean muscle mass. Asking the model to do a quick set of pushups and sit-ups between sets will also help their muscles photograph their best. As a photographer, don’t be afraid to ask the model to be well prepared; the finished image that you both receive depends on itl!

Perhaps the most difficult task a fitness photographer faces in undertaking male fitness photography is making the subject appear relaxed. In order the create a successful image, the model cannot appear to be straining or grimacing; male fitness images that are currently salable show a relaxed, happy model, who just happens to be incredibly fit and muscular. Any strain on the face or in the body of the subject translates as ‘I am trying too hard, and it is painful to be this fit and muscular’. Whether the male fitness image is trying to sell a supplement, a product, or a gym membership, the final image needs to convey ease and fun.

‘Ease and fun’ is not often easy with a male model! Especially if they are inexperienced, the male fitness model will want to pose as if he’s on stage in a competition. Giving the model instruction to act as if they were casually interacting with the camera can be especially helpful. His preparation before the shoot should create the appearance of lean muscle mass; no extra flexing or strain should appear on the model’s countenance or body. If the model still wants to flex and pose, giving him a prop to interact with can often distract him enough to get a great image. Props don’t have to be pre-planned; take advantage of what’s available. A cell phone, a pet, a bicycle, or even a water bottle can all create something for the model to interact with, thus distracting them from their thoughts of flexing and posing. Capture the male fitness model looking happy, relaxed, and fit, and you’ve created a winning image!

Doing Less But Get A Fabulous Fitness

Wellbeing wellness will include practicing and working out to look and feel much better. Your both mental and physical wellbeing rely on it. Doing activities can lessen your odds of cardiovascular sickness and diabetes. Moreover , it might moderate up the consequences of wretchedness and dispose of tension. The physical and mental incredible things about wellbeing wellness are definitely justified even despite the endeavors. They’ll ensure you can carry on with a more beneficial, more content life. Do you wish to simply live or might you want to make the most of your life? The decision is yours. Wellbeing wellness will include getting exercises that are liable to improve your present wellness level. Everybody’s present wellness level is diverse so increasing better wellness level can stroll for 10 minutes and for another person it can run an additional ½ area mile. The thing is you need to start some place and you will just survey where you need your prosperity wellness level to be in one more year. Set practical objectives that are intense however attainable.

There are too many different ways to boost your health fitness to count. You choose the activities that you can to take part in that you like it. This is an excellent method to make yourself do something. If you love sports then go play it twice a week. When you hate aerobic exercise then don’t do it. Try to find another exercise that can help your heart but that you want doing. For too much time in our society exercise has been viewed as something atrocious that we avoid totally. If you want your wellbeing fitness goals to be probable then turn your entire scenario into something good.

Health fitness isn’t exactly about exercise either. What percentage of us invest time to meet our very own needs on a regular basis? Not too most of us. Our careers and families keep us a lot occupied. Take a moment for yourself one or more times a week for just one hour. Utilize this time to make a move for only yourself. It could be so simple as making the most of a bubble bath or reading a good book. Fasten on a hobby you like it or learn a new skill. This quality time can help you unwind and relieve stress. This is a extremely important part of health fitness. Our mental wellness could cause physical health issues for us as well as affect our diet and sleep habits.

Ingesting properly also plays a crucial role in health fitness. You may feel sluggish and cranky if you use up considerable amounts of carbs, fats, and sugar. This helps you a brief boost of energy and not for very long. Eating a good amount of fresh fruit and veggies can help you maintain levels of energy everyday without the fluxuation. You will additionally consume less calories from fat but spirit full the entire day. Health fitness is an extremely important matter that more of us must focus our care on. It impacts both our physical well being and our mental health. Health fitness provides for us an opportunity to be the healthiest we can. You may appearance and feel a lot better than you have in a long time.

Be A Fitness Man

Fitness is the quintessence of a man. Wellness is the capacity of a man to do his typical ordinary assignments with full sharpness and force without stressing over weakness a short time later and with additional vitality available for later which can be valuable when crises emerge or amid relaxation and amusement. General fitness must be the essential objective each man must attempt to accomplish. In wellness, nobody is ever excessively youthful or excessively old for development.

One’s fitness can be enhanced by taking part in oxygen consuming activities and through quality preparing. There are three parts of general wellness that each man must concentrate on working out keeping in mind the end goal to be in sound, tip-top shape. These are cardiovascular work, quality preparing and obviously, these ought to be combined with a solid diet.Staying solid by building muscles. Man’s wellness regimen ought to incorporate a work out routine which intends to fabricate the muscles. Maturing causes an abatement in bulk of five to seven pounds (2-3.2 kgs) of muscle for at regular intervals in one’s grown-up life given that he carries on with a latent way of life. Genuinely, the truism “use it or lose it” is extremely Read more »